Ice on the Horizon, Skyline Folding In: Omens and Foils in Land of the Lustrous


Change is inevitable, but are the gems ready for it?

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This Was the Land’s End: The Butterfly Effect, Making History, and Purpose in Land of the Lustrous


Our Lady of the Shipwrecked is striding toward the horizon,
Her marble skirts blown back in two pink wings.
A marble sailor kneels at her foot distractedly, and at his foot
A peasant woman in black
Is praying to the monument of the sailor praying.
Our Lady of the Shipwrecked is three times life size,
Her lips sweet with divinity.
She does not hear what the sailor or the peasant is saying —
She is in love with the beautiful formlessness of the sea.

– Sylvia Plath, Finisterre (1961)

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