The World Ends with You: Osomatsu-san and Semiotic Reimaginings


In Osomatsu-san a pair of close-knit siblings, Ichimatsu and Jyuushimatsu, possess a unique relationship in that it appears to be characterized by mutually unfathomable depths which only serve to mystify those around them; leaving a series of question marks in their wake. An ineffable quality suffusing such an unlikely comradery, they pose something of an enigma to the rest of the characters that appear within this screwball comedy. Both express difficulty when it comes to normative modes of self-expression: Ichimatsu sullen and anxiety-ridden, Jyuushimatsu flung out of space, veering towards non-communicative measures which results in them naturally gravitating towards each other. The seventeenth episode boasts an exploration into the fascinating bond they share, offering the viewer insight into otherwise impermeable headspaces through Jyuushimatsu tumbling down the existential rabbit hole promoted by an idle musing one breezy afternoon – “What am I?”.

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